Oracle's Secrets: A Mouthpiece of the Gods

Divination refers to being able to obtain secret information and hidden knowledge through supernatural means.  In ancient times the art of divination was perfected,  The people of the time, especially the elders and leaders took this art form very seriously.  Many educated and well-to-do people including philosophers and kings took divination very seriously and paid serious money to those that could a.) give them the power of divination b.) use divination on their behalf.  Although there were skeptics, as there will always be, they were few and far between.  Divination is an art that deals directly with the gods so there is a very close relationship between the gods and the oracles who are the people who have been chosen to be the natural bridge between the gods and their subjects. 

The most famous Oracle was most likely the Oracle of Delphi who practiced her magic at the Temple of Apollo on the lower slopes of Mount Parnassus.  In the temple, the Oracle Priestess was able to receive communication from the "other side" whereby she would become the direct mouthpiece of the gods .  Common folks and kings alike came to seek advice from the Oracle.  Details do vary from account to account and  different stories have been told, but the paradigm to which the Oracle  is accustom remains the same.   She is first intoxicated with a smoke that puts her into a trance-like, meditative state of mind.  It is during this state the gods come through.  The gods can communicate through to Oracle to the people that are in her immediate surroundings.  Oracles can also use their abilities for themselves, because it opens up their complete third eye and psychic sense.  All blockages are released and they are in complete tune their spiritual selves. 

This item comes from a descendant of the Oracle of Delphi.  She is a gypsy, nonetheless, but it doesn't really matter what she is because she holds the powerful ability of the Oracle Delphi.  She has sent me this piece which also holds the powers of the Oracle of Delphi.  She is friends with Grizzelle, our own gypsy witch, which is how we got this piece.  This item fully relinquishes your body of any type of astral or spiritual blockage.  It will reshape and renew your aura to prepare you to receive your infusions as an Oracle.  During the bonding pyramid you will begin to feel more esoteric and spiritual, like you have a connection the other world, where the gods reside and source of all powers and energies exist.  This piece will give you divine telepathic ability, which is a direct mind-to-mind connection and communication with the gods and spirits from the other side.  It will give you clairvoyance, which is clear vision.  You will become a vessel for reception of secret information and hidden knowledge about objects, people, things, powers, abilities, and the like.  You will be given the ability of retrocognition and precognition, which will give you the ability to know all things about the past and to predict all things that will come to pass.  You will be able to speak the future directly from the mouth of the one who has created it. 

This piece will relax your state of mind, whereby you will be put into a full trance like state where all of your powers will be released to you.  You will become the vessel with the gods will enter for communication on Earth.  This piece relinquishes any hold that is on your third eye and will open your mind to complete and full psychic ability! 



Oracle's Secrets: A Mouthpiece of the Gods
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