Orb of Storms

Orb of Storms This piece holds a permanency that will moderate the transmutation of the mind so that your body can gain intelligence, revelations of the past and future, and access to the purle prisms in the Universal Spectrum which hold rare powers that only a minimal number of creatures ever get to experience! The orb of storms name comes from the fury of the mind, as when it storms you may be triggered with a "sinus headache" this is not just because bad weather is moving in -- this is because the force of the energies in the world around you are contemplating a fury of strength. Most people will not feel well and thus rest, or waste the day -- but with this piece your mind will be cleared and you will be unaffected ... and the piece will pull in the forces of the storms to impart you with immense power! The piece is like a headband of intellect -- as you will gather bracers of dexterity in your brain that will amaze even you! This is a piece that is extremely powerful and will bless you with knowledge that will surely change your life.
Orb of Storms
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