Order of the Dragon

This piece is absolutely mind boggling in the powers that it can it can provide for you.  It is an original initiation piece of the Order of the Dragon.  Don’t know about the Order of the Dragon?  That is because they prefer it to be that way.  They are a highly secret society.  At first this society only allowed women to join.  It was a way of wealth empowerment for women.  It was originally called the Order of the She-Dragons.   Throughout the years more and more men have been initiated into their ranks, kind of like the Masonic Brotherhood.  Eventually the “she” got dropped and now they are just the Order of the Dragon-- men and women alike.

The group that comprises the order of the Dragon are very rich and affluent people.  You know who they are.  You see them or television.  You hear them on the radio.  They gives speeches to the world behind their podiums.  They are the people that rest of the world aspires to be and can’t be-- well, because they aren’t part of the Order of the Dragon.  Not all of them are famous, as some of them opt out of the fame part that the powers of the Dragon offer them.  All of them are filthy stinking rich.  

I would like to convey to you that entering the ranks of this order is, by no means, an easy feat.  You can’t just go do some easy ritual and then become part of their ranks.  You must do something-- something epic-- that everyone else in the group agrees upon.  For instance, there was one lady who wanted to be part of coveted group and she was ordered to commit a murder on behalf of another member.  She lied in waiting for over 15 hours before she caught her victim alone and drove a stake right through is heart.  I know, what a macabre scene.  

There was this one girl who had to carry around a baby for nine months.  This baby was a prodigy child, whose eventual goal was to allow the dragon to possess his body and become the temple in which the dragon lives on Earth.  Proud momma, right there!!  Anyway, the boy was never register for a proper identity, because he didn’t need one.  All an identity is, is a piece of paper and number.  I wonder if all those Kesha pregnancy rumors were true?  Nah, couldn’t be right.  I mean, she never had a baby.  

Another guy, an older gentleman who was desperate to become relevant again in his old age was forced to help rob a bank.  He even drove the getaway vehicle.  Of course, the cops never caught him. Even if the cops did catch him, the Order would have just paid them to cover it up, anyhow.  When you have that much money and influence, it’s hard to get in trouble.  I mean, look a Lindsay Lohan.  I’m not confirming or denying she was ever initiated into this club, but she went from washed up drug addict to actually having a few new gigs on the calendar.  Coincidence?  I’ll let you decide.  

Another time, there was a young man who aspired to be a famous singer.  He wanted nothing more than stardom and riches.  All I’m going to say is Baby, baby, baby!  Oh!!  Anyway, the Order was looking for a fresh new face, so they chose him, and had him sit down at a meeting.  The young man was required to allow the Order to kill him and then use a necromancy piece they had to bring him back to life.  It was a test they were conducting on whether or not the piece actually worked.  

Again, these are wealthy people in the background, but they are also the wealthy people and stars that people idolize.  This is the kind of power the Dragon-- the granter of eternal wealth-- gives to you.  Once the initiation rite is passed-- as you can see they are not easy feats-- only then is the initiate worthy of becoming part of the Order of the Dragon.  Only then does the wealth begin to pour in.  Only then do people start to know your name.  We speculate that this group is somehow tied into the ancient Illuminati cult, the one that continues to rule the world to this very day.  Again, these are just speculations, but the magic is very similar in what it can grant for a person.      

What we are offering is an original initiation token of the Order of the Dragon.  Don’t ask how we got it, because we’re not going to tell you.  It’s our secret.  Just know that we have this and this is the real deal, it’s the piece that they got when they were done killing, or robbing, of carrying a baby, or being resurrected, or performing some kind of sacrifice.  It’s the piece that they would get that would bring the Dragon to them.  It would call upon the ancient Dragon that would move inside of them and grant them wealth and fame, if they wanted it.  

In this same way, when you wear this piece, the Dragon will come to you.  You will feel him and his powers slithering inside of you, crawling through your veins as his energy is inserted into you.  Then, you will wait as the riches begin to accumulate, as the money because to come in by the thousands, at first, and then even more.  If you want to become famous, the Dragon can do that for you.  If you don’t want to become famous, you don’t have to.  However, a lot of the people end up choosing to become famous, because the Order of the Dragon needs a face.  They need their people to be idolized and looked up to.  It helps create power and the Order owns that power and wants to keep it.  If you are up for the wealth and the fame, or even just the wealth, then this piece is definitely the one for you.

This piece is a true antique, one of the older initiation pieces of the Order of the Dragon.  I will tell you this, it used to belong to one of their members who recently passed.  It was going to get recycled but we got to it first.  Good for you!  These powers are truly incredible.  

Order of the Dragon
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