Original Pirate Magic

Step Lightly Mateys; There Be Pirates Afoot! <br /><br />

I won this piece at an underground auction that is run in secrecy.  I'm obviously not going to say where the place is at, because then it wouldn't be a secret anymore.  I will tell you that this piece is an original part of Anne Bonny's plunder.  Her treasure never did quite belong to her, as this piece would go on to share with me while I was testing it.  The piece belongs to someone much more powerful than she will ever be-- the Devil, himself. <br /><br />

Anne Bonny began her life of violence at the age of 13, eventually growing up to become the most notorious female pirate to have ever lived.  Women couldn't understand.  Men despised it; in fact, one man actually made a comment to Bonny about her gender, upon which she stabbed him and threw him overboard.<br /><br /> 

What most people do not know is that Anne Bonny had a contract with the Devil.  At a young age, she was married and grew bored with the married life.  She slipped away quietly, becoming Calico Jack's mistress, and sold her soul to the devil pending she never had to return to a life that she found to be living Hell. <br /><br />

In her contract with the Devil, she was offered fortune and fame.  She was given treasures and plunders and lived the life she had always wanted to live-- a life of wonderment and adventure that didn't end until her luck ran up when she was caught by officials in Jamaica.  She even then somehow managed to escape.  Nobody really knows the eventualy fate of Anne Bonny, although there have been many speculation.  Obviously she now exists somewhere in the realms of the Underworld, in charge of legions of pirates that have joined her there.<br /><br /> 

This piece is part of her original treasure, which has never been found.  It calls upon her spirit and she will come to you and bring you wealth and fame and fortune.  She will give you the state of mind that will allow you open up and become more charismatic.  She will make you free spirited and give you spiritual elevation.  This will give your mind an awareness that will allow you to relieve yourself of spiritual roadblocks and allow you to practice any type of magic you want. <br /><br />


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Original Pirate Magic
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