Oringinal Taoist Wings

Taoist Wings <br /><br />

Naturally wings are symbolic of flying, weightlessness and release. Wings signify an ability to rise above the constraints of gravity, and by association, the limitations of the material world. Wings are the expression of the sublime, they bring the desire to transcend everyday reality. <br /><br />

In symbolism, any creature that is given wings as a tribute has come connection with the spirit world, either as a deity or as a messenger between Earth and Heaven. Birds are the supreme manifestation of this idea in the natural world as are angels in the idealized world. <br /><br />

The Taoist Immortals, who had wings so that they could fly to the Isles of the Immortals, had other birdlike qualities too, including a special diet that made downy feathers grow on their bodies. <br /><br />

Wings also symbolize knowledge, enlightenment and the freedom that these can bring.<br /><br />

He who understands his wings will find inspiration in the axis of the world.  <br /><br />

We located some of the Taoist feathers that had molted from the Immortals; these were found while we were on an investigation in Prague. <br /><br />

Steve spotted the first feather and thought it was pretty -- we at first thought that he was acting crazy picking up "dirty' feathers, but his draw to them was a good one to have. Once it was in his hand he got an electrifying sensation that made his hand stand on end.<br /><br />

Deedee was excited, she knew this was a special feather -- and then we were on the search for more. After over an hour of searching Steve again found one. I think the pull of the first one in his hand helped guide him to the other one, because the rest of us had no luck at all.<br /><br />

We had an amazing trip and had a lot of prosperous things happen while we were there. After returning to the United States and settling down at the office we were able to test the feathers and learned they were from a Taoist.  <br /><br />

The feathers remain in a sealed glass display case in the main office, but the energies from them have been invoked into this piece. You will be able to find your completeness with the charge of inspiration, new found freedom of your soul, enlightened knowledge and resurrection of answers to questions you have pondered your whole life.<br /><br />

This is a pure piece of connectivity that will bond you with blessings of uplifting strides from your place on Earth to divine allocations of Heaven. <br /><br />

Additionally, this piece holds the ability to communicate with spirits from the next realm.  it will add to your psychic ability, allowing you to pull spirits through and invoke them for whatever purposes you see fit.  The feathers are from another realm, thus enlightening the mind with enough spiritism to understand what's going on in on the other side of mortality.<br /><br />



Oringinal Taoist Wings
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