Covert Hypnosis

Sometimes you just want to get things accomplished. It seems that however hard you may try, people try even harder to stand in your way or create obstacles. On days such as these it may feel like you want to just unleash and let loose on society. Relax, I have just the tool for you. What you see here is a group of items that has been shared with me by a friend of mine who studies an up and coming division of psychology known as para-therapy. She has share with me the secrets of a field of study knows as covert hypnosis.

The process knows as covert hypnosis is one nice way of persuading people by using a strategy by using the frequency that our brainwaves travel on. Most humans are incapable of mastering this technique on their own. That is why, with the pieces that are show, you will receive an electromagnetic amplification that will allow your brainwaves to be 160% more active than that of a normal human being. The result is the ability to alter the way others think, within a spectrum of 60 feet.

In order to set up the perfect mood for the influence and persuasion, you need a lot of patience. Well, to begin with you need to be wearing he piece that we have made available to you. Then, you need to have ample patience. You need to keep your mood level and fair. Do not let your emotions get the better of you, no matter how frustrating your situation may be. When your emotions get out of control then so do you thoughts. You will have a clouded mind, and instead of achieving desired thoughts, you will have an opponent that is instead in a state of confusion and less operable that he or she was before you began.

Covert hypnosis is an amazing ability to be able to master. It is a tactical skill that is profoundly efficient if it is used properly. The pieces that are shown give you the distinct ability of elevating your mind so that way you can perform the operation. It will also give you a shield so that way you will never run the risk of this method being reversed and used on you. As an added side benefit, you will become more aware of your surroundings, making you a more rested, alert person. This will help you stay more grounded and focused, allowing you to achieve your desired results.

These have been tested and the results were great. I tested them on a car repair guy that I felt was ripping me off. He wanted 500 to fix something that was making the alarm go off and the car not start after you shut it off. he said he fixed it but he didn't and said he got the wrong part. So he ordered another part and wanted to charge me for both when it was his mistake. I said um no and them looked him in the eyes while wearing my piece. I only had to pay for the one part which is what I wanted to do. This was also used in anther situation when Julie's boyfriend decided to cheat on her. So we used this on him which we would have to consider a dual magic. This allowed him to want her badly and for her to cackle when she said no,you can't have this! All in all it is a great item.

We have two of these. One set is sterling silver and the other has sterling I think and real pearls,both are very beautiful.
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