Peaceful Death

Do you, or a loved one, have a friend or family member that has died and there are many unanswered questions about their death?

These earrings are integrated with kinetic charges that will channel the spirit of who you call upon and allow you to identify their last thoughts and actions.

This way you can find peace in knowing whether they knew what was happening, or if things happened so fast that they did not suffer.

Accidents and ironic things happen daily, and unfortunately we all at one time or another are affected by these things. In a town a few miles away there are train tracks and in the past several years there have been many fatalities due to people being hit by a train. Often  the victim is tying to "beat the train" and speed, or run, across the tracks as the train is coming at them... causing them to get hit as their timing is off... but occassionally it is a fluke accident and no one knows why, or how, the victim ended up by the tracks in the first place?!

A tragedy of a local man who was beaten and then thrown on the tracks and killed by an oncoming train is what regimented these items. The client had such great success, that they were able to give the police information and clues which later led to the arest of those who were responsible for the death of their son!!

As of now these are the only two pairs that we are able to get, so do not miss out -- if they are sold out please inquire and we will see if the invoker will do us a favor!?

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