The first labor of Heracles, as given to him by King Eurystheus was to bring back the pelt of the Nemean Lion.  Allow me to explain something to you.  You think that it would be scary going after a regular lion right?  Even if you had a weapon, right?  I'm sure your answer was yes, unless your the beast master. Well, picture a lion that was born of the Chimera who was a lioness hybrid creature with the head of a lion and goat and a tail that ended with the tail of a snake. She was a serious beast. And her son just happens to be the Nemean Lion. 

The Nemean Lion was sent to terrorize the city of Nemea.  Sometimes it would go right in for the kill.  Other times it would disguise itself as a woman and attract men that would rescue damsels in distress.  Either way, it was attacking and killing the men of the city.  That was until Heracles showed up to kill it.  Although the lion was tough, it was Heracles tough, so the eventually victor of the battle was Heracles. 

As proof of killing the Nemean Lion and completion of his first labor, the king required the pelt of the lion, which was impenetrable and is the reason why nobody up until this point was able to subdue the horrendous beast.  The impenetrable pelt was sent to the king and has been kept in secrecy ever since.  It has been traded among the secret magic black market for years. 

We never did get a chance to acquire the pelt.  However, we did managed to get our hands on this collection of items that was made using the energy of the pelt.  By this I mean that these pieces make your entity impenetrable, not on a physical level, but on a spiritual level.  For instance, this piece will not allow your mind to body to be affected by a spell that cast over you.  Neither will it allow, for instance, the government to take over your mind.  More or less, this is a protection protection piece that will render your soul and esoteric being invulnerable of any type of magic attack.  It will keep your soul cleansed and it good standing, your karma in good order, and your aura in lightest brightest shade possible.  Not only does this obvious protect you, but it also allows the magic that you practice to be pure and to work even better because will be doing so with a clean, purified soul and mind.  In fact, we have run tests on these pieces that tell us that one of them will allow you to perform your magic up to 50x more accurately just by wearing this piece in combination with the magical piece you are trying to use. 

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