This is a piece for you if you are trying to showcase that you are the right mate for someone!!

This will bring the person you desire into a sense of allure that will showcase you as the perfect mate for them.

Your internal attributes will rise up from within and showcase all your great purities from your soul that will make them desire you and look at no other person the way they will look at you~!

The attributed energies will depart making them want to be with you forever and be proud to be on your arm. You will be able to keep your love happy easily as their attention will be ratified to care about your every desire, need and want.

You will be have the ease of knowing that things will progress the way you want... if you desire marriage, it will happen -- if you just want a long term sexual relationship, then it is yours. You are the controlling force when you have this ring in your presence!

Bring on the "10's" :)

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