At Haunted Curiosities we believe that pets are a valuable part of the family, too. They are a part of the family that cannot take care of themselves, so they rely on us to properly care for them. Think about... they can't feed themselves, they can't bathe themselves, if they get sick they don't know how to make themselves better. Additionally, they cannot communicate efficiently. How do we know what they need when they need it? Guessing? Shot in the dark? What if our pets coud speak to us? What would they say? Well, I have some good news. This is a white light protection piece for your pets. It will keep them safe from dangers, both physical and spiritual. It will keep them safe from evil; and believe or not animals can become possessed too. Read about it, it's in the Bible!! This piece will also give you a psychic connection to your pet. Of course, your pet will not be able to speak English to you or vice verse. However, you will be more in tune with your pet, being able to understand their wants and needs more effectively!! You will both be able to send eachother psychic vibes... you know like, "Don't jump up," or "feed me, human!" This is the perfect piece for the ardent pet lover. We realize that it would be impractical for your pet to wear the item. That's why it will be up to you to bond with the powers in this piece to create that psychic bond and connection. Once the connection is met, the white light divination will automatically fall upon your pet. I know this piece has a picture of a cat on it, but it will work just fine for ALL pets. Bonne Sante!
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