UNDERSTANDING YOUR PETS Most people look for companionship from humans, but when they do not find it, or are sick of the aspects of drama that comes with it.. they start to put their trust into their pets. People feel a strong connection with their animals and often feel as though they are their children. I have an amazing cat, named Aurora, who is like my daughter... she is loving and friendly and just always there for you! Ever since Mason was born she has not gotten as much attention as she used too, and when given this piece to test.. I thought it was crazy, but let me tell you what... it is awesome!! This is a communicating prospector item. The piece can be used to hear your pet talk to you. Their thoughts and energies of communication will flood your mind and leave you with disbelief of this amazing power~ I learned many things about Aurora... and knew that she was lonely, and jealous, but she did say how much she does love Mason, which made me feel good. She also told me that a set of keys that I lost were under my bed, as she lays under there often.... I think Mason must of had them and put them under there! It is just really cool to hear what your pets think in your central perspective arena of your mind! Don't miss out on this one~
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