This is the odd story of Isaac Nettles, Sr.  He was a sculptor and inventor from Alabama.  I'm not sure we have spoken about this particular piece, simply because we were using it, recently, for another investigation in which we needed to impersonate the right person in order to gain access to a serum that was being brewed by a top-secret coven of pagans that was practicing their magic in the Pentagon during secret rituals.  It was kind of creepy, to be honest.  I'm not quite ready to list those pieces yet, but this is the piece that has allowed us to infiltrate the ranks.  It holds a pretty amazing power. 

I don't think that I ever told anybody about this, but it is a piece that we found while we were traveling to New Orleans a few years ago.  I really, really had to empty my bladder, so we got off on one of the exits. If you know Alabama then you will know that there aren't a whole bunch of rest stops or exits with decent places to eat.  I mean, there are some here and there, but when nature calls you gotta answer; so-- we ended up at this rinky dink little gas station where the only soda they served was coca-cola and the only think they had to eat was hard beef jerky and expire potato chips. 

If you know anything else about Alabama, you know that they are on an endless mission to fix every road in there state but they never make any progress.  It was no surprise when we were rerouted for a detour; however, halfway through our detour we found that the GPS signal grew rather weak, then we lost it all together.  So here we are out in the middle of nowhere, no GPS, or a detour on the back roads of Alabama.  It kind of sounds like the hills have eyes, in fact, I can remember it even feeling like that!

It wasn't long before we found ourselves driving back a long dirt lane with a white picturesque church at the end of it.  Adjacent to the church, which has been seemingly abandoned but could've been still in used judging by the fact that a lot of the buildings look like that Alabama, was a small cemetery.  This would've been normal, except for the faces that were pushed into the cement.  It looked almost like when you push shapes into dough when you're making cookies.  It was very surreal and very creepy.  I just kind of looked at them, not really understanding how these tombs were made.  I mean, yeah it seemed kind of obvious, but who just pressed dead people faces into cement? 

As I found out later these graves were the work of one Isaac Netters, Sr.  According to historical accounts, nobody is really sure how or why Nettles made these markers.  When we arrived, we could feel the energy immediately radiate from the graves as if we had all of a sudden stumbled upon a spiritual hot spot.  In fact, Deedee's psychic powers went viral.  She walked up to one of the markers and rested her hand on the forehead of the indented face.

At that the eyes opened up and shot a glance toward another marker.  In turn that grave shot a glance to another marker that did the same thing. The final marker shot a glance into the woods at which a flock of crows came flying out of the woods, like bats out of a cave at night.  One crow in particular, got stuck on my shoulder.  Or rather, I should say that it perched upon my shoulder. It's talons were razor sharp and I even bled slightly.  The important part was what it dropped out of its beaks, which was this piece. 

As we looked around, the markers had gone back to normal and the only conclusion we could draw is that this piece was a piece that was made by Isaac Nettles and we were destined to have it.  Soon after, we figured out that the crow that had delivered the piece was Isaac Nettles, who has passed but existed in the woods until that day he gave us this piece.  I'm imagining his soul has finally traveled to Heaven after releasing his magic.  All that remains in this piece is his magic, he is no longer there. 

Additionally, I think that there were souls in the graves that were released as well.  Later, Deedee did confirm to me that she could read the the stone graves were the members of Nettles family but he she wasn't sure why he had kept them in stone.  It had something to do with the transfer of the soul and taking on a different form, but she couldn't quite pick it up in its totality.  So, I guess partially it will remain a mystery, but that's the nature of some of our work.  I hope that whatever was going on with the Nettles family their spirits rest peacefully now. 

As for the piece, it is a shape shifting piece that allows you to take on the form of an other human individual you want.  It isn't a mind control piece where you see through their eyes.  Rather, this is a piece that actually lets you exist as the other person would exist.  It will make others view you as if you were actually that person, just as Nettles had made these markers to be seen as if they were really the faces of his family.  This is the correlation that is made between the concrete faces and this piece.  I'm not sure where the magic has come from, but I'm not sure that it really matters. 

When you wear this piece, you will assume its power.  You will get to shape shift into any person that you want to be, as this piece will allow you to appear as this person to other people.  We have actually used this piece for more than one investigation since we have had it, but most recently we've used it to get into the Pentagon, like I've told you earlier.  The powers in this piece are amazing and if you are trying to go incognito, are looking for cloaking magic, or maybe even invisibility magic this is the one for you! 

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