Pheromone Plummage

The release and flow of personal desires and increments of thoughts all seem to reflect upon the ideals of sex.

There is an abundance of scientific proof that human body odors affect sexual behavior. Something is definitely going on. There is clear evidence that sweat and vaginal secretions affect other people's sexual physiology, if not their behavior, even when the odors cannot be consciously smelled. Musk smelling compounds are particularly notorious. Could there have been an ancestral musk-like male sex pheromone that stimulated sexually receptive women?

There is a lot of chemistry that happens when love is in the air. One of the major things going on in your body is a chemical reaction as pheromones are being produced. Human Pheromones, also known as Androstenone, are invisible, odorless, and undetectable. Pheromones are natural chemical scents which the body produces in order to attract others. They are well documented in the animal kingdom as the force that controls all social behavior, including mating. Scientists are now finding that these invisible social magnets also heavily influence human behavior. They are medical science's and nature's sexual secret weapon for pleasure.

Many people musk their natural pheromones with perfumes, colognes and deodorants -- thus taking away the potency of your attractiveness. Since we all want to smell good and this is what we are shown to do when growing up... we prevent the normal routine of allowing our pheromones to flourish.

After years of masking and using other products our natural flow of pheromone production slows down and we no longer send out the submissive array of sexual scent.

This piece is filled with a thrasher that will recapture your natural pheromone production and allow it to prosper and send out your musk to attract others to you!

This is one of the most invigorating items that we have ever offered... re-triggering your flow changes a chemical balance that just makes you feel more alive... this was raved about by the testers and is great for your confidence, sex appeal, aura and love life~

Raving is right!!!
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