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The Vampire Phoenix is the result of a child born of a REAL witch,not a wiccan and a Vampire in living body. This is a type of vampire that has the best of both worlds. They hold all that a Vampire does as far as power but also what a REAL witch can do.

When I say real witch I'm not knocking those that practice the craft,cast spells and hop around. I'm talking about the very few who's blood is much different then yours. These are the ones that can see the dead since birth,conjure with ease and cast to last. There is a difference. I seriously doubt that you know one of these types of witches. These witches have REAL power! These were never accused of being witches nor were they ever hung or burned at the stake. If they were then they were never real to begin with. Real witches never have had this fear.

I have never offered these before because I just became familiar in a way that I feel comfortable with them. They are dual creatures on the vampire side and dual on the witches side as well

Most of the time when you hear witch you think of the spell casting and the costumes,dancing around and that God awful smell of some of the worst incense in the world. These witches are not like that,they are powerful and have no use for that stuff

The Phoenix vampire is so called that because he has risen from ash to become more powerful then any vampire around. He took on the blood of a real witch who allowed him to drink of her.

Your going to get a companion,possibly a lover and the power of magic as you have never known it before. These are inhabited pieces and you will get the name. Some are female and some male. You need to ask for the one you want.
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