The Fortunate Isles also known as the Isle of the white is near the Canary Islands. This trip to the Fortunate Isles is often made by a witch in astral form. In doing so she or he loses all the negative they carry in the soul. They also must fight dark and demonic forces along the way in order to make. They are allowed no protection at all. This is something the soul must fight off while also cleansing itself.

The reason a witch or other person would do this is to totally cleanse themselves of negative energy and evil on Earth so they could come back with powerful magic. If they made it through they woukld be able to bring a vessel back with them into the physical Earth realm and use it for extraordinary magic,some of the most powerful stuff on Earth.

The vessel is taken with them when they go and able to travel using a ritual that binds in during. When and if they make it that same vessel is now a product of the Fortunate Isle and will do what you need it to do. You open it up and tell it. No other ritual is needed.


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