This piece represents the original pillars of existence. There are 11 in total. They are the 11 original powers of cosmos, in which all knowledge and magic have been stored and by which all knowledge and magic can be accessed. They are the the foundation upon which all existence has been built and they are the existence of all things past, present, and future. The 11 pillars are alive, but they are not beings or entities... they are just... well... the Pillars of Existence. There is really no description for them. This piece embodies the powers of the 11 pillars. It will give you all the powers and abilities associated with the 11 Pillars, which are neither white light nor dark powers. They are just powers. Like I said they are the 11 original powers, but they are all powers combined into one. It is just something that is essentially difficult to understand without this piece. This item will act as a oracle between yourself and the power you are receiving. It will grow with you as you grow in your energy. The growing never stops and the more you bond with this piece the more knowledge you will be enlightened with and the stronger your powers will become. To use this piece, merely wear it as a bracelet. If it doesn't fit, or if it is more comfortable for you, you can just have this piece making body contact with you. The more body contact this piece makes with you, the more bonded and revitalized your powers become!! This piece is a must have!!
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