Piona is a vampire who holds the ability to bring you powers of transmogrification. This will enable you to change shape or form, even into that of inanimate objects. This is great for protection or secrecy when you do not want others to be aware of your presence.

Piona is lustful and at first is more reserved in the bedroom...because she was always more interested in harassing her future victims then having a good time with them! However, if you allow yourself to be her object of admiration then she will spark an erotic tingling sensation up your thighs to your groin -- making you beg to be touched; she is very intense in her energies and can bring you to your knees with her mystical absorption of your spirit.

She is one of the most powerful female vampires we have encountered in years! The testers were excited with their experiences, although one guy was scared and gave the piece back before he was fully bonded to it.

Her energies are intense and gratification will be grand for the person who decides to relinquish their control to Piona's spirit!

She is great with transforming you from fugly to fruitful in beauty.
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