PONS Intercepto

PONS Interceptor

Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM Sleep) occurs when signals are sent from the base of the brain, from an area of the brain called the PONS. The PONS then remits the signals to a part of the brain called the Thalamus, which redirects the signals to a part of the brain known as the Cerebral Cortex. The Cerebral Cortex is the area of the brain that is responsible for functions in the brain such as learning, thinking, and the ability to organize information.

The PONS also shuts off neurons in the spinal chord, during REM Sleep, temporarily causing sleep paralysis. This is what is necessary for brain development and allows the brain to become very creative. It is during this type of sleep that a person can experience vivid dreams. It opens up your mind to the subconscious thoughts are going through your mind all day, and finally gives them a canvas to paint on.

The piece that you see below comes from an underground paranormal research society that we work with from time to time. Together we were able to develop this piece, which has been tested by several members our own staff and theirs. They have proven to be useful and effective during REM Sleep.

For help with dream divinations and spells, I called a botanical witch that I have known for some time, and she agreed to throw together a concoction that would help me cast a divination upon the piece, that was the force behind the ability that we are offering you.

We call this piece the PONS Interceptor. There was a spell cast into that will give your mind special botanical powers. When your mind enters into REM sleep, instead of your PONS emitting the normal brain signals, they will be vastly different. Your normal brain signals will be replaced with powers from a magical type of mushroom that has been found in the Amazon by a Chilean witch doctor.

The powers in this wild mushroom will fuse together with your brain signals and give you supreme psychic ability and control. You will gain the ability of all psychic powers and kinetic energies. You will be able to see into the past, present, and future. You will gain the ability to control and modify time. You will also gain control over the spirit world with the ability to hold spiritual communication and summon any spirit of your choosing.

PONS Intercepto
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