This item is a pendant about an inch long and an inch across. Can you tell I'm not back to normal yet? I feel like my mind is broken. And it most likely is! My underground connection man came over and if you all knew who he was you would faint away! If I did not have to sign a non disclosure form I would be blabbing away. I was in shock because usually the deliveries are by a friend of his,not this time. I feel so special. But on to this now. This item came from an artist who was taken onto a ship and stayed a long time. When she returned her children had grown and she had been listed as a missing person. She learned how to connect with the alien race who calls us the alien race. They are friendly and wish to give us our full power back which they say was taken when we became a sort of waiting planet. I have used the item with no results for 2 months before I got anywhere with it. After that I did begin to see the world in another way which was quite upsetting. After that I had a visitor one night come into the house and they spoke to me and said I was going to go to classes. I felt it was a dream at the time as it didn't feel psychic in anyway. The next day I held in my hand a bracelet which is not up for sale. The bracelet is mine and helps me to converse with them. I have done so now for the last year. This is why some of the people that say they are aliens I crack up at. I know that if they were they would have some extreme powerful abilities. That's not to say that you do not have DNA strains because so many of you do but there is a key that taps into that and I will be adding them on as well. This item is for communication and for getting gifts or senses that they can implant into you. There is only one of these.
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