St. Germain was a vampire shrouded in mystery. Many esoteric groups believe him to be an Ascended Master. St. Germain was possibly the son of Francis II Rákóczi, the Prince of Transylvania. He was never known to eat or drink in public, and had dalliances within the high houses. The Count of St. Germain was a passionate man. A violinist, a scientist, an explorer, and adventurer. His properties are still in New Orleans today, taxes are paid, and the vampire St. Germain lives on.......

This piece is blood magick. It was given to a woman named Pearl that St. Germain intended to Turn and spend eternity with. Inscribed on the back of the locket is her name, and the date 1901, although the piece is much older. Symbolically, the gems and design of the locket represent luck and the retention of the human soul. I believe them to be real mined diamonds and rubies, but have no way of testing them.

What this piece will do is open you up first to psychic dreams, and then your senses. It bestows on you the abilities and powers of the vampire.

You simply open the locket and and place into it a drop of your own blood. St. Germain will feed off of this.

Foremost, this is an item of magick and psychic ability, but there are sexual benefits attached to it also. Orgasms will be multiple and strong. Okay, pretty much, you will go through the roof with this one ! If you happen to be an intelligent woman with a good personality that strikes him, he may stay and make this a love match!

This is a piece you want in your hands, trust me! Testing on this item was AMAZING!

The price is 157.00 because I do not know if the gems are real.
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