This piece was given as a gift from a clan of nomadic American werewolves. They are a secret to the general population, but known to those who know of their existence as the Fang Clan. They are a highly respected clan, and most of their original members are still alive today. They take pride in the power of the wolf, and most of the members are of a pure-blood line unique to the clan. They are generally a peaceful clan, but to cross them is indeed a fatal mistake, as crossing a pure blood werewolf in any situation tends to be. <br /><br />

The piece itself holds a great power. When wearing this piece, one is granted the power of the wolf, able to hunt and move with the cunning and ferocity of any werewolf. Just wear the piece and think of only primal thoughts, and watch as the blessings of the wolf bestow themselves upon you. With this piece comes a great power, and with great power comes a great responsibility. Use this piece wisely and become one with the spirit of the wolf!

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