According to the scriptures, magic is a supernormal, unlimited, unimaginable power attained during meditation practice. We often believe that only the Buddha, Bodhisattvas, gods or fairies have magical or supernatural power. In actuality, ghosts and demons can also have magical power.<br /><br />

We, as humans, have magical power too. Magic is not limited to the unusual acts of causing rain and storms or riding on clouds. Magic is everywhere in our lives. <br /><br />

We can recognize it if we look carefully. When we are exhausted and thirsty after a long journey, a glass of water can quench our thirst. Is that glass of water not like a magic potion? <br /><br />

A non-swimmer sinks like a rock after falling into water despite frantic yet fruitless struggles. In comparison, a good swimmer simply makes a few easy strokes and kicks to move around like a fish. Is this not miraculous?<br /><br />

Beginning bicyclists may grip the handles with all their might and still fall off their bicycles. The experts can let their hands go and remain securely on their fast moving bicycles. Does this not seem supernatural?<br /><br />

We can also describe those amazing circus performances as magic. According to science, the body itself is a miracle. Tears flow when one is sad and laughter comes when one is happy. Hunger can be cured by food. Cold sensation can be alleviated by clothing. Are all these phenomena not magical?<br /><br />

A woman’s mammary glands not only secrete milk but also vary the nutrient composition and amount according to the changing needs of the baby. Once the baby stops nursing, all milk production stops automatically. Is this not amazing?<br /><br />

Magic is not limited to tricks and sorcery; it is everywhere. The change of the four seasons, the blooming and wilting of flowers, the changing faces of the moon, the large and small sizes of the animals, are they not all expressions of magical wonders?<br /><br />

Magical wonders are all around us. How many types of magical powers are recorded in the scriptures? According to the most common classification, there are six main categories. These are celestial vision, celestial hearing, the power of knowing others’ minds, the power of performing miracles, the power of knowing past lives, and the power of eradicating all defilement.<br /><br />

** This piece brings you celestial vision -- one of the elements of the classified powers from the scriptures. This was invoked by a High Priestess in Russia.<br /><br />

Human eyes can only see large items. To examine small objects, we need a magnifying lens or microscope. Those with celestial vision can detect the most minute things easily. Human eyes can only see nearby objects, while distant objects appear blurred and indistinguishable. In contrast, those with celestial vision view objects far away as clearly as up close. Our human vision is bounded by the surroundings. Those with celestial vision, however, can overcome any obstruction by seeing through walls and mountains. Human eyes can only see with light. <br /><br />

Celestial vision works even in total darkness. Human vision is limited to this world. Celestial vision extends to all realms. In short, celestial vision is remarkable and is a very remarkable power to hold~!!<br /><br />

This is a great piece!<br /><br />

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