Strange things in the sky are certainly nothing new. Historical documents and artwork feature such objects in the heavens that can’t be explained in their context or in ours, but the “UFO” phenomena as a coherent category really started in July of 1947. 

This began due to the sighting of “flying saucers” and the Roswell incident. Hundreds of sightings were reported in the media by year-end and the acknowledgement of UFOs had become firmly rooted in the mindset of humans.

It is next to impossible to go back and prove or disprove incidents that are 60 years old, however, sightings continue today with great regularity. In the age of cell phones, digital cameras and instant information dissemination, it seems that we should have a plethora of evidence to sift through.

These elusive “crafts” seem to outwit us at every turn. They hide from radar, just out of sight of the control towers, then dash away searing a hole in the cloud cove. Worse, they appear in formation surrounding a military aircraft and are recorded on radar, thermal imaging and cameras but are hushed by an understandably shaken government. They are seen by literally thousands of eyewitnesses and appear on the evening news, but are discounted by the government as flares dropped by military aircraft.

Skeptics say: There may be “unexplained” phenomena, but not “inexplicable” phenomena. Splitting hairs? They would argue that incidents have pedestrian explanations that we have yet to pinpoint: military or experimental aircraft, weather balloons, meteorological anomalies and swamp gas are the usual suspects.

We say: It’s tempting to think that eye witness accounts, photographs, video, etc. can be discounted because the resulting question mark doesn’t quite fit so neatly into our scientific world view. After all, who wants to admit that there are things that we just can’t explain and that they’re “violating” our airspace. Might be enough to keep you up at night~

Regardless of whether or not you “want to believe” in little green men, angels or inter-dimensional travelers, it’s getting near-impossible not to believe that some sort of inexplicable phenomena is occurring while we turn a blind eye for fear of ridicule or worse — the truth.

To better associate the factors of our Universe we asked Shine to impale a session of power to focus in on what we have yet to discover. This piece was the result of his travels.

You will be able to import the information of the invigorated beings that live above us, as we know they exist and Shine has come face to face with many extraterrestrials.

The moon surges the line of equation that separates the Earth from the Galaxies above. This generative piece will allow you to channel the implicated pulls from those we do not see, but can learn from. The crystal imparts your spirit to the higher reign which will allow astral travels to areas beyond our World.

Testers of this piece said they brought back unique, enriched powers from their travels that had them gain increased intelligence, prophecy visions, radiant shock powers and understandings of government corruptions~


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