The existence of vampires has been well documented for millennia. Tales of supernatural beings consuming the blood of the living have been prevalent in every culture since the dawn of time. Although the first recorded use of the Old Russian form of the name "vampire" was first attributed to these creatures in a document dated 1047 AD by a priest in the Book of Psalms, ancient cultures such as the Mesopotamians, Hebrews, Ancient Greeks, and Romans had tales of demons, spirits and even deities who would eat flesh and drink blood. Today, we would associate these entities with vampires.<br /><br />

Images of creatures drinking blood from men were found on shards of excavated Persian pottery. Babylonia and Assyria spoke of the Lilitu, who gave rise to Lilith and the Lilu in Hebrew demonology. Lilitu was depicted subsisting on the blood of babies. Also in Hebrew literature, Estries, creatures created in the twilight hours before God rested roamed the night among the population, seeking victims from whom they could drain the blood.<br /><br />

Ancient Greek and Roman mythology described the Empusa, the daughter of the goddess Hecate, as a demonic creature who feasted on the blood of men as they slept. They also spoke of the Lamia who preyed on young children at night, drinking their blood.<br /><br />

But, while vampires have been around as long as people have, most recorded sightings of vampires date back to the 12th century. In Croatia in 1672, a local vampire terrorized the villagers. The vampire, Giure Grando, was a peasant who had died in 1656. He returned from the dead six years later and began drinking the blood of people as they slept. The leader of the village ordered that a stake be driven through his heart. This failed to kill him. Eventually, he was beheaded.<br /><br />


During the 18th century, the belief in vampires increased dramatically, resulting in mass hysteria throughout most of Europe. Government officials became engaged in the hunting and staking of vampires and cases of vampire attacks were first officially recorded. The incidents were well-documented with government officials examining the bodies, writing case reports and publishing books about them throughout Europe. The hysteria went on for a generation.<br /><br />


And yet, with all of the proof that vampires do indeed exist, there are still many who do not believe and innumerable misconceptions about these "creatures of the night".<br /><br />
In centuries-old documents retrieved from the Vatican library, there are lengthy descriptions of these supernatural beings. Accompanying them is a command to church leaders and political allies to suppress the information and to circulate myths that would cause people to live in terror of vampires.<br /><br />

This is what has been learned from this "forbidden" book:<br /><br />
  1. To begin with, vampires do not kill their "victims" by draining their blood. The earliest reports of vampires (although they were not called vampires at the time) speak of them drinking "the life blood" of people. Life blood is energy. Vampires increase their life span, enhance their beauty, their sexuality, their talents, drive, ambition, success and charisma by constantly enhancing their energy level, supplementing it with the energy of others.<br /><br />
  2. Vampires are not the undead, they are the supremely alive, filled with an energy, a zest for living that you and I could only dream of.<br /><br />
  3. Vampires do not kill their victims by absorbing their energy. They turn them so that they too can live a super-charged life of dream fulfillment and they too can learn how to tap into, not only other people's energy, but the energy of the universe.<br /><br />
  4. You will never see a vampire without a ring, a pendant, or some other form of jewelry. Precious metals, gemstones and crystals are well-documented conductors of energy. Even the Book of Revelation in the New Testament speaks of the power of precious metals, gems and crystals. Vampires wear jewelry, whether hidden or exposed, to protect their energy and to ensure that it never diminishes. And, to re-energize and serve the people they turn, they share a similar jewelry piece with them, something which they have worn, which has absorbed some of their own energy over the years. <br /><br />
  5. Many of the celebrities, billionaires and people holding positions of supreme power today are vampires. They do not advertise this fact because of the stigma surrounding it. If you give some thought to this, you'll no doubt notice the tell-tale signs.<br /><br />
Why would the Catholic church and powerful political leaders want to keep this information a secret? If everyone had limitless power, who would there be left to be controlled by those who wield power today? (Notice how many of these leaders wear jewelry!)<br /><br />

Up for offer today, is a ring worn by a vampire who wishes to change the life of a person who has not had the opportunity to be turned through direct contact with one of his kind. Do not be surprised if he pays you a visit while you are wearing it. He will be drawn to your energy and, if you so request, will turn you. Merely wearing the piece will be enough to increase your energy, enhance your appearance, your sex-drive, your talents, ambition and success exponentially, however. He will not force himself on you... although you might find him hard to resist!<br /><br />

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