Prayer Endower <br /><br />   

This is an endowed token for prayer. It sends your respective thoughts to Heaven through the relics of angelic energies. To ignite the power in this piece you simply need to recite this prayer:<br /><br />

God, our creator, as I begin this day, I thank you for the<br /><br />

land, language and culture of our indigenous people.<br /><br />

I thank you for being with me and may the gifts of<br /><br />

faith, hope and love guide me in my words and actions today.<br /><br />

I pray that my home will always be a happy place,<br /><br />

where I can learn about myself and others, so I can be my best.<br /><br />

Holy Trinity pray for me.<br /><br />

Amen.<br /><br />

* This will connect the power in the emblem with your affairs of the heart and soothe your requests with divine white light blessing<br /><br />

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