In July 2008, two men on a hunting trip in northern Georgia encountered a lizard-like creature about 100 yards ahead of them.

Both men confirmed the beast looked exactly like a Jurassic Park raptor -- five feet tall, long tail, huge claws on both feet and smaller claws on its short, stubby arms.

The hunters said the creature stopped for a moment, sniffed the air, and then disappeared back into the bushes.

** After a full investigation we discovered a tactile portal that levitates your spirit into the realm of dinosaurs, where they still roam. They hold intense energy and have ratified powers that are rarely obtained by humans!!

Finding this portal was a HUGE career score for our team, but we could not go public with it, or it would have led to a fury of interest that would have caused the portal to disipate. Instead we spent long hours empowering a few items with the access to the realm -- Deedee has one that she uses from time to time to  gain unique powers when needed!

This is one of the empowered items -- the necklace will infuse you with the radiance and connect you during the REM Stage of sleep to the spectrum of teh dinosaurs -- where you will be enriched with abilities you cannot even fathom~!!

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