Bitten, but not killed from the bite -- Olivia was transformed into a vampire instantly! The precious bite granted her vast abilities that reigned with phenomenal heights of strength and power! She never even had an interest in vampires, and once her Earthly family all died she wanted to not live any longer and took her life with a silver bullet to the heart. Before ending her immortal status she invoked this piece to be equipped with her essential powers, as she knows these energies, abilities and powers are seeked by many! Her most essential gift, that testers raved about, is that of enchanted mind control. You can steal, create and remove memories from someone without them being any wiser. This ability grants remarkable strengths of power and is very beneficial for many reasons. You cannot totally clear someone's internal memory, so you cannot make them become a blithering idiot, but you can erase things that have happened within the past month from their memory bank, and alter, steal and create facets from anytime!! Very cool piece! -- You simply need to wear this piece for 2 weeks --so 14 days, they do not have to be consecutive, but after 14 body cycle changes, that occur each day from the rising of night to day, you will embark the full powers of Olivia. (Testers showcased that if Olivia wants to grant you more power she will keep opening the locket, as she wants you to put photos of yourself in it and this will ensue more energies blessed to you if you honor her request)
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