You know how we are. Last night got a little bit crazy, but I never mind. I kind of like crazy. If I didn't I surely would have Deedee as an employer. During my ventures with friends I found this abandoned church halfway up a mountain trail. I live in a valley of the Appalachian Trail, so there is always plenty of terrain to be discovered. This particular church showed up during a hike I was taking with some friends one day. I was drawn to the building by a certain curiosity, but my friends didn't want to stop. I contacted Deedee and informed her about the church, and she was stoked. She loves poking around in places she probably shouldn't be. Anyhow, I'm not going to bore you with other minor details, because they really aren't that important. Besides, I couldn't really tell you where the church is located anyway. All I know is it is up a mountain on a trail in the middle of the woods. People from the mountains just have internal positioning mechanism that allows us to get and return to places... kind of like cats, I suppose. That's how I was able to get Deedee and my cousin back there last night. As we I drove Deedee up the road to the entrance of the trail, she already began to tell me that she felt something. Either way, we parked the car at the entrance to the mountain trail and began hiking up the side of the mountain. It is important to remember that a vast majority of Pennsylvania consists of coal regions, and along a lot of these trails in PA there are ghost towns-- remnants of mining boom towns that sprung up here or there. I'm guess that what this church was all about. I can't say for sure though. What I can say for sure is that with flashlights in hand we trotted up the mountain to the site of the church. When we got there, Deedee shivered and I looked over at her in time enough to see the goosebumps make the hair on her arm stand at attention. I knew there was something spiritual going on and none of us really needed to say it. We forced open the wooden door that was the entrance to the deserted church. It moaned... in fact, the whole building seemed to moan in disapproval as we entered the church and began to walk around exploring. A lot of these investigations we host include building this older and older, so that's probably the most dangerous part of the investigation, not possession or spirit takeover. As we were searching, my cousin called out from the corner that she had found a weird old book written in a strange language. None of use knew the language either, but that surely didn't stop us from opening the book up. On the inside there were archaic, almost creep depiction of the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. As we turned the page we noticed a depiction of the last supper. It was both sad and beautiful and we could feel the energy radiating from the book. It was as if we were actually there, having the last supper with Jesus. On the next page was a picture of a beautiful golden chalice. The chalice was decorate with rubies and emeralds, and opals and other fine gems. In the chalice was blood; presumably the blood of Christ. Then, for some reason, Deedee's body began to tremor. Her eyes rolled back into her head and when they returned the glowed a bright green color. Her body began to float in midair. When she spoke, it sounded like a thousand angels speaking. It shook the foundation of the church and sounded like the ringing of a trumpet. Her voice rang, "BEHOLD THE HOLY GRAIL... THE BLOODLINE OF CHRIST!!" A white light penetrated the room like a flood and down from the heavens floated this item. Afterward, Deedee said she felt light headed like something had possessed her body. In fact, it was an entire legion of Angels of the Lord that had used her body as a vessel to communicate. It's pretty phenomenal when you think about it. Mediums that possess great power can usually pull through one or two spirits at a time... but a whole legion? It's incredible. Anyway, when we tested this piece, we were able to determine exactly how powerful this piece is. In the Bible it is written, "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over." This item will This will allow you to drink from the chalice that is called the Holy Grail. It will allow you to partake of the true blood of Jesus Christ. It will open up a knowledge that will bring you the Bloodline of the Holy Grail. With this knowledge and powers you will gain complete absolution and become one with likeness of angels and the Heavenly Host. It will open up the Holy DNA inside of you that was given to Adam in the Garden of Eden but taken when his wife led him astray. You will be able to see directly into the realms of heaven and hold contacts and conjure all the angels that exist there to use their powers. You will receive a special type of white magic that is extremely rare. You will drink Jesus' blood from a cup that will prepare a power for you that will protect and put you step above ALL of your enemies and even those who aren't your enemies. The power of the Holy will anoint your soul, giving you new conscious awareness that will bring you white light psychic abilities and a psychic connection to Jesus Christ, himself. Your white light sensory modalities will be perfected, during which your inner soul will take over and you will be a being of ALL WHITE LIGHT... sort of like Raviniska but more like an angel!! You will BECOME the ultimate Bloodlline of the Holy Grail. THIS PIECE IS OLD AND 14K GOLD FILLED,THERE IS A ROSE ON TOP WHICH REPRESENTS CHRIST.

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