Pesagniyah is a supervisory angel who has profound knowledge of the ethereal planes. He has large iridescent wings that glisten and sparkle like moonlight. He can illuminate the keys to attaining personal freedom and help to release limiting beliefs. Pesagniyah lifts sorrow and brings forgiveness. <br /><br />

He is associated with the direction of the south. He takes the prayers that come from deep grief and sorrow, surrounding them with his love before he carries them to heaven. When you ask for his assistance, you are likely to feel a gentle kiss upon your left cheek. <br /><br />

Pesagniyah can help you communicate with a loved one who has died. He will carry your messages to him or her and help you to remember that love never dies. <br /><br />

Pesagniyah’s powerful, benevolent energy has been bound to this beautiful pocket watch.  Invoke Pesagniyah’s spirit if you wish to overcome the loss of a loved one or lift a profound sorrow from your heart. Pesagniyah will also help you to release emotions from an abusive past and heal the scars left behind by this destructive treatment. He will give you the power to forgive yourself and others, filling your life with a sense of peace, hope, comfort and love. <br /><br />

Pesagniyah will help you to eradicate past suffering, ensuring that your future is one of happiness, divine blessings and self-actualization. <br /><br />

Once this wonderful talisman is in your possession, invoke Pesagniyah by clapping three times, calling his name and then speaking your request out loud. Pesagniyah will appear to you in the form of a loving, spiritual presence. He will ask you how he can be of service. Pour your heart out to him and he will listen intently. He will reassure you that he will take care of everything. Give him thanks and know that he will always be there for you whenever you need him. <br /><br />



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