A poltergeist is a projection of psychic energy that finds its energy center in the unconscious mind, most commonly in adolescents, and emanates, therefore, from the living rather than from the dead.

A poltergeist is a ghost only in common parlance, which links the two because of the "spook-like" nature of the poltergeist that causes the invisible pseudo-entity to prefer darkness for its violent exercises of tossing furniture, objects, and people about the room.

Many of our inquiries this time of year have to do with unruly ghosts and apparitions that are disturbing the lives of people.

If your home has been the center of attack --- and you either feel that you are in danger, or simply are not able to be at peace due to the chaos that is constantly occurring, then this is the right piece for you.

This is a poltergeist extraction amulet. Designed and invoked by Merlin, this piece will collect the source, or sources, of disturbance and expel them into a portal within this piece that will rid them from your house, and life!!

The portal is forecast to pull them into a subsidiary realm that will prevent them from lurking on other innocent people -- they will be given the opportunity for peace in a solace of finality in a place for final resting.

Help rid your life of unwanted stress, strain and misery --- this extractor works fast and will bring calmness and peace to you and your family~

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