Sometimes we come across a once in a lifetime piece. This is priceless,you just can't put a price on something like this. In reality it would be worth one million,two million,a billion? How can you price this piece?

This piece is mine and

has belonged to me since the day I got it from a very mysterious man. At the time I did not know who he was. I thought to myself he could be insane although he did not appear that way. The story was just to much. Over the top was putting it mildly.

He was a messenger but what he carried with was meant to be given to me. At the time he told me I would use it once I figured out what it was. He refused to tell me. I had to have faith he said. Faith in what? That he was who he said he was? And why not tell me what the item was or could do? I had to admit it wasn't my style. I like White Gold,not yellow. But as I looked into it I saw something I did not understand. You too can take a look. There are NO tricks of light. There is no camera failure. What your looking it is the pure power of something or someone that can give it to you.

Through the messenger and the item I finally learned what my path in life was. This path is not the same one you will have. My goal is to locate in order to place into the hands of those that can use these items. This is the most powerful item in the world. Have you ever heard me say that? You have not. Have you ever heard me say that an item will bring you millions? You have not. I have not said that because the one item that can do it was always in my hands,on my finger.

Last night some new developments happened to me and I had to replace a ring on my finger with something else. It was time to pass this on.

I will not reveal what this ring is unless you ask me. Those that are meant to have it will ask about it.

The price is as you see it,it is no mistake. I will not lower the price. I can not lower the price. In fact the price is very inexpensive for what it is. You could not even buy it if someone else had it.

You can see the power in the ring. Can you imagine that running through your body? There is no art image on this piece as I only want you to see the actual item.

This is the only item you will ever need,ever. And yes,there is NOTHING this ring can't do. I mean nothing.

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