This piece was blessed with a great deal of magical power. It was enchanted by a white light priestess that was well known for her advanced knowledge in the magical arts of healing and restoration. Many people from her surrounding area would seek her guidance in any and all things related to living a healthy and prosperous life. They would also seek her help for wounds both small and large, knowing that she had the experience needed with the ways of the white light to heal any wound within a matter of days. <br /><br />

This piece retains only a small amount of her power, but the white light priestess was so learned in her practice that even though it only houses a fraction of her power, it is still quite powerful indeed. The benefits to wearing this piece cause the wearer to gain a much stronger internal immune system, as well as being able to recover from most wounds and injuries at an accelerated rate. Adorning this piece will also improve upon your overall health, and any measures taken to improve your health will be amplified, causing that apple a day to have double the health benefits! <br /><br />

To gain the healing powers of this piece, one must be pure and refrain from evil deeds as much as possible. White light powers only work in full effect for those who follow a path of purity and prosperity. This doesn't mean changing your way of life completely if you aren't exactly a beacon of purity, it only suggests that you live a good life and be good to others. Once you believe you are following a more righteous path, then you may start wearing the piece and gaining its benefits. <br /><br />

This piece, once being worn, will work to keep your body and mind in top shape. The piece also has the ability to sense its wearers level of purity, meaning in a way it takes notice to how many good deeds and random acts of kindness you perform. The more often you perform an act of kindness the more this piece will work to keep you feeling great! Live a long and healthy life with the white light powers of this piece, and begin a journey down the path of happiness! 

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