In the 1890's people flocked to the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan to partake of the wisdom that was being dispensed by America's newest health guru.

He was a medical doctor down on the American diet. He called modern cooking "the greatest bane of civilization." A charismatic speaker and author, he told audiences that the key to human happiness lay in the digestive tract. Indigestion, he wrote, "is responsible for more deaths than all other causes combined."

This man was John Harvey Kellogg and his passion for health led to the beginning of a huge empire of Kellogg's cereal -- starting with Toasted Corn Flakes!

He lived into his 90's due to following his habits of revolutionary protocols of health. He passed away a few centuries ago, but remnants of his estate just became available for sale in late August!

We had heard that there was rumors of John getting the wisdom from a shrew who blessed him with pure guidance to help others... this also brought him success!

When we researched more, we learned that he had an astounding power stone in his home... this was the key! We went to the auction that his great grandchildren were having and immediately was drawn to this piece! This was the gift from the shrew, the access to his knowledge and understanding of the human body and the blessing of bringing him success and wealth by following his passion!

We were extremely lucky to get this, as we had to fight hard to make sure we got it... the piece has been thouroughly tested and it will take your deepst passions and give you the forceful push to make changes the way you wish they could! Do you want to help abused children? Be in a rock band? Be a chef on a cruise ship? We all have different passions and desires --- to reach kids with love, to touch people with music, to cook for people so they have good food!

With ths token piece the eruption of being able to follow your dreams and make it a success will progress. Stop worrying about what lies ahead, this will help you jump into the world you want to be in and make it work!

People often wonder how did someone come up with an idea? How did their idea prosper and grow? Why can't I do something I am passionate about and get paid for it?

Well now all your questions will be answered and you WILL be able to take your passion and grow it into an empire where you can help others, while also helping yourself~!

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