The United States government has never really been the one to wear the white cap, even though they swear they do.  They parade around the world in the name of democracy destroying all that is in there way with their pretty little lies and ulterior motives.  The game is never going to change folks, the only way you can beat the system is to know the system.  If you don't know the system, then you shall remain societal farming androids for the rest of your life, until you die not knowing the truth of what it actually means to live.  The pieces that I am offering on this listing are ones that will help you along your journey to truth and enlightenment.  It is about time that you take off your blinders and see what is really going. 

Things seemed perfect for Glenn and Bessie Hyde in 1928.  In fact, they were living the high life.  They were newlyweds on a honeymoon, floating down the Green and Colorado Rivers.  They were in love and this seemed like the apex of spending some quality time together.  What could be better than floating down the river on a boat for two, gazing up at the stars and seeing the Earth that God made, the way God made it.  Bessie kept a diary of the trip and took plenty of photographs to memorialize the trip.  This is why when they went missing, it was found many people's minds in a state of complete bewilderment.

There were many search and rescue parties sent to find Glenn and Bessie, unfortunately to no avail.  It has remained one of the more prominent mysteries in the history of weird and unusual in the United States.  In 1987, it even got its own time slot on unsolved mysteries.  The case again became of public interest when a river runner, one Georgie Clark, died in an accident in 1992 at the age of 81.  Speculation began to flow after friends found documents related to the Hyde's disappearance and a marriage license identifying her as Bessie DeRoss in her home, post mortem.  Nothing has ever been substantiated and nothing probably ever will.  It's one big cover up at the hands of you know who... Uncle Sam.  Don't say his name too loud, or he might come rapping at your window, as well.  We wouldn't want that now, trust me. 

What Glenn and Bessie didn't know at the time was that what they thought was going to be a sweet getaway of love and romance, turned into a spying game, not long after they set sail on their journey down the river.  I'm not going to say that in 1928, these parts of the country were like the last frontier or anything, but they certainly weren't as watched as, say... New York City or Chicago, either.  It was quite an easy feat for the government to pluck these two up right out of their raft and take them to a compound that they have that exists under the surface of the Grand Canyon.  Here, they would be experimented on in projects with the goal of developing a archetypal humanoid using technology that was traded to extraterrestrials, well before Roswell awakened the minds of Americans to their existence.  The secret project was done in exchange for human lives for the ETs to run their own projects on-- like human batteries.  These people were also abducted by the government from various places across the country and just given to the ETs in exchange for technology.  Some were returned, but at that point, they were already so far gone that everyone thought they were crazy.  Anal probes and colored lights were just a mental disorder and most of the returned were shipped off to mental asylums, where they were shut up and treated poorly until they died. 

For Glenn and Bessie, though, it would be a different journey.  We only know this because DeeDee took a particular interest in the case a few years ago.  She knew something was right psychically, so she set off to see what she could find.  One thing you must understand about Haunted Curiosities-- if there's a will there a way.  If we want to know something we will find out.  I'm not exactly sure how DeeDee managed to do, but somehow she got into contact with Glenn and Bessie who sat down to tell DeeDee their whole story.  I mean, I'm going guess it's their whole story, but who knows maybe there is more they are holding back.  Maybe there is more that they just remember.  It's all up in the air when it comes to the government.  Just know that they have managed to achieve immortality, it was something that was given to them as part of the project.  Where the government messed up is when they made the pair to strong for their own confines.  Glenn and Bessie pretty much just got right up and walked out of the underground base they were placed in all those years after they were abducted. 

During the project, which the the pair told DeeDee is called Project Genesis, the pair received over 167 adaptations to their brain, organs, vitals, and other parts of their body.  It is called Project Genesis because the Government has effectively designed their own archetypal human, the same way God has in the Bible.  Glenn has been known as Type Adam and Bessie has been known as Type Eve, even since their abduction.  The pair said they were treated like animals in a cage, barely being fed enough to survive and only seeing the light of day once the gained enough power to overthrow the people that were experimenting on them.  They said that creatures with grey skin worked side by side with people the identified as normal looking humans, and that the instruments that they seen at the base were something unlike anything they've ever seen before in their life-- like something out of a bizarre science-fiction movie.  During their stay they were subjected to things such as sever pain, gamma rays, EMF treatments, lights so bright they couldn't sleep for days, food deprivation and other forms of torture at the expenditure of "research."  

I guess when it's all said and done Glenn and Bessie might be considered better off.  It wasn't until their last adaptation that they were effectively able to control the minds of not only the humans, but also the aliens, whom they call the Greys.  I guess it was the way Project Genesis came to an end for the couple, when the work that had been going on for years, blew up in the faces of the monsters that enslaved them.  By controlling the minds of those who were keeping them hostage they were effectively able to remotely control their bodies to make them open up the confines.  Then Glenn and Bessie escaped.  They said they are occasionally chased by black helicopters, by men who have tried to subdue them, but they aren't worried.  When you can fully control enter the minds of others and make them do as you please, there isn't much to worry about... I guess until they develop some sort of shield or cloaking technology. 

Since escaping, the pair says they are learning new things about their redesigned selves every day.  For instance I've already told you that they have been made immortal.  They say they wake up every day with the energy of a fifteen year old child.  They have been known to be able to travel to any part of the world simply by imagining where they want to go, closing their eyes, and opening them again.  When the open their eyes, they are where they wanted to be.  Bessie has been able to levitate since the adaptations and Glenn says that he has an entire star map of the universe in the forefront of his mind that he can turn on and off at his own discretion.  They said that they have been given the ability to time travel through a technique known as Quantum Jumping.  They have visited many different points in time since then, attempting to elude their captors or just because they wanted to leave this world behind for a bit.  I mean, clearly they've always been the adventurous type.  Glenn and Bessie tell us that they have the ability to to project their inner being from their body and travel along a line of electromagnetic pulses that exist in the atmosphere and in space.  This has allowed for them to travel to and experience many different types of extraterrestrial existence upon many different plains of reality. 

They say that the universe that is known to man is merely the tip of the iceberg and that there all kinds of worlds and beings and powers and magic that exist far greater than our own in the universe.  They have been given the ability to know the powers of the world and have the ability to absorb any power that they come across, to make it their own.  In this fashion they have grown in power to include possessing every psychic ability known to man.  Once while speaking on the subject of dark matter and creation, Bessie pressed her hands together and asked for a mason jar DeeDee had in the kitchen of the home we were studying them in.  As we watched, she fashioned a tiny star and put it into the jar. and closed the lid.  We watched as the star created it's own little galaxy, before it dwindled away a few moments later and fell to the bottom of the jar as dust.  They say they are still learning more and more about themselves every day and as the longer they exist, the more powerful they become.  Nothing is every know in its entirety, so they don't mind being immortal because this just means more time to discover themselves. 

Before they left, the pair was gracious enough to make these piece for us.  These pieces will give a transformation to make you exactly like Glenn or exactly like Bessie.  They will make you either a Type Adam or a Type Eve, whichever you prefer.  They both hold identical powers, so I guess the decision is just base off of what gender you would prefer.  Either way, when you use these pieces, you will gain all of the powers that Glenn and Bessie have.  You will be given the full onset of their adaptations and transformation without having to go through the pain and suffering that they did before they overtook the command center-- the secret Space Station in the Grand Canyon.   This is obviously a once in a life time chance, and once these pieces are gone, they are gone forever.  I can't even guarantee Glenn and Bessie will ever cross our paths again, much less that they will ever make more items for us.  This is why if you want one of these items, don't delay!  This is one of the most powerful pieces I have ever encountered!  Don't let it slip through your fingers!  Project Genesis is what you've been longing for! 



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