This piece is a testament to the healing of many and the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy.  The prophet Isaiah promised a Messiah who would make the impossible possible.  If you read throughout the New Testament of the Bible, many miracles are attributed to Jesus.  These actions are used to underscore the fact that he was the Messiah and held the true, holy origins of the God.  He used his miracle powers as a means to prove that he was the King of the Jews that had come to rescue them from their mortal captivity to give them a home in Heaven by the right side of God.  Unlike most kings, though, Jesus didn't powers to exploit any one.  Rather he use his powers for the benefit of others and to reveal the mystery of God's presence among them.  By performing these miracles-- too many to be counted-- he was able ascertain the existence of God and for the most part prove his existence as the Messiah. 

It was the miracles of Jesus, and also the authority with which he spoke that let people know that he was the real deal.  He was a God living among us with extraordinary powers that could only come from the original creator of All. 

This piece recreates a Spiritual Hall of Records in which you will be able to see every miracle that Jesus ever performed from turning the water into wine to walking on water, healing the lame, feeding 5000 with two fish, making the blind see,  and the raising of Lazarus.  There are many more than this; like I said this piece gives you the ability to view every miracle performed by Jesus in a recreated spirit form.

As you attend these miracles that are being performed, you will also begin to be able to perform miracles. Each time you view a miracle, you will gain the knowledge of that miracle meaning you will gain the ability to perform that miracle.  There are thousands of miracles that Jesus has performed and they are chronicled in this piece that recreates a spiritual Hall of Records-- which is almost like a holographic hall of records, just in form of a spirit. 

**This piece gives you a full range over the miracle powers of Jesus, in that if you've seen it, you have the power to do it.  The more you use your piece and the more miracles you witness the more powerful you will become~!

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