Tom Ogle invented a vapor-fuel intake system in 1977, which would fit any car and enable it to travel 100 miles on a gallon of gasoline.  He claimed that emissions were so clean, you could dry your hair under the exhaust.  A year later, a representative from Shell Oil offered him $20 million for his plans and patent.  He refused, stating that Shell would simply shelve the idea and it would never be used.
In the summer of 1981, Mr. Ogle was shot and wounded outside a bar in El Paso.  He claimed it was people after him for his invention.  Then, on August 19, 1981 Ogle was found dead from an apparent overdose of the pain-killer, Darvon and alcohol poisoning.  His death was suspicious.  While he had been know to drink, he never needed to go to the hospital for it and never used Darvon and had no history of pain.  A theory states that he was murdered by an assassin hired by Shell, who made it look like a suicide.  Three months later, his original schematics and blueprints went missing from the U.S. Patent Office.  Since then, some have surfaced on the Internet, but not enough to actually build the device.
Tom was actually and a good alien.  He wanted his fuel-saving system to be used to lower gas usage and help the Earth because other aliens like him were coming here to live. But now, because of the nature of Tom's death, the other good aliens are at war with the us.
Tom Ogle is in spirit now and he gives us the power of invention and technology.  The fuel system was only one of his many inventions. Some of  his other discoveries were time travel through an advanced propulsion system and thought speed.
This item will help you in your quest to access Tom's power of invention and dominion over time, space and technology.  Find wormholes for time travel that Tom and his alien friends used!  Travel back or forward in time anywhere in the galaxy at the speed of thought or access the Internetthrough any portal with only your brain power!




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