We all know how an elephant looks like, right? Well, since it is such a huge animal, and it is known that this animal has the power to absorb water in abundance it is used as a feng shui enhancer for wealth. <br /><br />

As water in Feng Shui terms symbolises wealth, therefore the image of the elephant would have similar ability to absorb wealth luck. For wealth luck, place this elephant item by any window in the house where there is a body of water, ex: swimming pool, sea, river, in order to usher in wealth.<br /><br />

Furthermore, as the elephant is a tame animal, keeping this piece in the house would create a comfortable and calm atmosphere for all the family members.<br /><br />

This incredible piece comes from Thailand and was fortified with the installment of proverbial blessings that will be ignited near any extremnity of water. <br /><br />

You will see an abundance of cash flow and prosperous ignition of illuminated wealth when you allow this piece to energize your home!<br /><br />

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