Everything has a secret, and every secret has a key --- this key unlocks the truth~!<br /><br />

With this piece you will unlock the ultimate protection from Heaven.<br /><br />

The Divine elements of Heaven will protect you from evil, and everything that is preventing you from entering your life as a follicle of the Divine Presence. <br /><br />

This piece gives your refuge from our Creator.<br /><br />

If your car breaks down on the side of the road you may pray to God for help, and God is the one inspiring the police to come rescue you, but you wouldn’t say that God Himself is going to come down on His throne and appear before you. That is a superficial, material understanding of the Creator, and that is why this protection piece was enlightened; to raise your spiritual understanding and to introduce Heavenly secrets onto our soul, like throwing seeds upon fertile soil!<br /><br />

We may not understand their purpose or their meaning, but in time these seeds will blossom and we will eat from those fruits~!<br /><br />

** You will integrate your soul with a cleansing of purity and will be protected when you adorn this piece. The imperial energies will institute themselves into your brain and allow you to not focus on the exact implications received, but rather that the love and prosperity is divine! God is mysterious and will showcase to you what you need, and this piece will ensure that with the forecasted invokement of Heavenly blessing that was placed on it.<br /><br />

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