Protection of the Saints -<br /><br />

This bracelet was given to me as a gift by my best friend’s grandmother.  His grandmother, who I have only ever known by the name of grandma, is a very devout Catholic lady.  However, she was given the gift of clairvoyance.  I’m not entirely sure how the rules of religion are supposed to go, but she claims that she gets her powers from God, who gave her the ability to communicate with the Saints. This ability allows her to help others and show them in what direction they should steer their lives.<br /><br />

She can also invoke the power of the Saints to help people with many problems such as employment, financial circumstances, fertility, etc.  I have consulted her many times and can honestly say that her advice and readings are accurate, and that her charms (she calls them charms, not spells, and never a bad charm) actually do work.  That is why when she gave me this piece, I accepted it whole-heartily with zero doubt in my mind that if would.  This piece is powerful because she has invoked the power of the Saints into it.  The purpose of the piece is to grant spiritual protection through the power of deflection. <br /><br />

Basically, the saints send you a Guardian Angel, who watches over you at all times.  If anybody attempts to harm you in any way, shape, or form (whether it is in the form of bad thoughts, evil spiritual entrapment's, possession, or whatever) the saints deflect the bad action and send it back to the originator ten fold.  It gives your soul a form of spiritual force field or aura, providing you with constant protection.  The only catch is that you must have the piece in your possession at ALL TIMES or you will not be protected, as the Saints are invoked into and inhabit the bracelet.  I have received a newer one as a gift, so I am making this one available to you.<br /><br />

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