Psychotic Vampires -

We have discovered several human vampires after meeting some of Anthony's friends. We also learned that there are many types of vampires and their desires depend on their origin and what they desire.

We were gifted evoked pieces from these vampires to allow those who desire powers or transitioning to have a way a portal of knowledge and strength.

This shouldn't require much explanation. There are others that could be put into this section, such as blood fetishists who find sexual stimulation from the feel, look, taste of blood. This type of vampire, however, is more extreme and much more dangerous, as they are impulse feeders and are likely to get a thrill from making their donor a victim. They are likely to 'hunt' for a 'victim' rather than use a donor and their actions are random.

The vampire we got this piece from is dark and fierce. I was scared that I could be attacked, but Anthony assured us that he wouldn't attack us because we were acquaintances of him. Anyway, this piece he gave to us will rapture your body with intent and vengeful passion. You will learn to be sneaky, inquizative and aware of everything and everyone around you.

This piece will give insight on how to control your life by getting what you want without the headaches of worrying about others getting in the way. If you ever feel threatened or pressured you will be able to use this piece to ignite an attack to protect your power and new found spirit~

This is the piece I think will go extremely fast!!

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