Recently, I was on vacation in Maine. I have an aunt up there and she always invites me up to stay with her. There isn't much to do in Maine, but it's a good place to get away and relax. It is quaint, there's lots of nature to be enjoyed, and it's quiet. Most of all, Maine is painted with the "small town" atmosphere; you know, the one where everyone knows everyone. That's how I came across the legend of the Glenburn witch. It's something everyone knows about, but nobody ever wants to talk about. Her grave exists in a clearing deep in the woods of Maine, but nobody could ever seem to find it. She is a terrifying witch that Glenburn's small population is terrified of, who torments people and causes them harm. She is an immortal satanist who comes to people to bring them demons in the night. Okay, actually she's not. She is immortal. She's not a satanist and she doesn't really give a rip about the residents of Glenburn. I assured them of this after I did research and investigation on my own, held a conjuring seance and the witch of Glenburn gave me this piece. She is actually a white witch German with a lot to offer. She gave me a small chest with a bunch of tiny little trinkets in it. It was like a miniature treasure chest because each piece was loaded with white light divination that had been made by the Glenburn witch. After I got these pieces, I tested them all immediately. I have been working on them for quite awhile and have finalized my work on all of these pieces. This particular piece is the "wisdom tooth." Apparently the witch of Glenburn had a sense of humor and has cleverly placed years of white light wisom into this wisdom tooth charm. This piece will enhance your knowledge of white light magic, witchcraft, and divine sourcing of spells. It holds the knowledge of ages of witches and will jump start or add significantly to your magical adeptness!
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