These were invoked with energy from Grizzelle --- they are designed to bring forth a change in your levels of anxiety, stress, and anger!

With the heightened levels of impurities in our Universe, we all feel motions of stress and pressure that can place a strong layer of aggressive regression upon our bodies.

When you are not fuctioning at your full potential, many things can happen.... you can get sick, act out in a wrath of fury, say things you do not mean, have a mental breakdown, or worse have a heart attack, or stroke!

These will cleanse out your system from the various contributed facets that are latent in your body and are affecting you each day.

With one of these two bracelets you will leverage the expenditures of your personal energies to exfoliate the emissive negative components that are holding you back, and down.

Do not spend your days laying around the house because you feel bad for yourself, or just do not have the energy to get up make a change -- now by simply wearing a bracelet you will energize a change that will exert a big difference into your life~

 ** You will receive one of the two that are available~!

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