VOODOO WEALTH CLIP Not to long ago, I received this piece in the mail. It was addressed from New Orleans. When I opened it up it was from this girl that I had met down in New Orleans in a bar. We got to talking and she told me her story-- everything from her poor upbringing on the Bayou to her many run ins with spirits and her eventually mastering all concepts of Voodoo as an early teen. She was more than half-lit, so I didn't put a whole lot of weight to what she was saying. When we exchanged addresses I didn't really think that I'd ever be hearing from her again. You know, one of those people that you meet in travel that are intersting, but which you will never see again. However, when I got this package, I realized that she was the real deal. Not only was she the real deal, but she is actually a Voodoo priestess from the early 1800s. She has obtained her immortality and is a sort of female obeya. I can tell you one thing, at least-- her powers are of extreme power and are white light in nature. She doesn't really like doing anything evil, so you won't have to worry about any of that jazz with this piece. This is an extreme Voodoo wealth piece from an original Voodoo High Priestess. You can use this pin in a multitude of ways, including wearing it to draw in the energies associated with pure wealth! You can also use this piece while in business meetings to put the power of "persuasion" in your associates minds, to get the outcome that you desire!! It will also give you insight when you go to make important business investments; it will bring you prosperous returns!
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