This is an antique and holds the full power of a purple indigo child witch. This is an antique piece from a witch that held unusual DNA. Because of this she was able to use more of her brain and tap into many abilities that she can pass on to you. For those of you new to this the reason they can pass is because she is fully inhabiting this piece. It is her home and where she rests. She comes with a Hulder which is a rare race of Elves. Most of these are spiteful but this one was a gift to her by special race of elves called the Liosalfa,also known as light elves. These are gifted and white light. The Hulder Elves are usually not but this one was born different and raised in a light home. This is her familiar. She also possess a Diff Errebi which is a Djinn that can only be addressed as Noble One. Any other way of addressing him opens him up to evil and he will do evil. These two beings come with her and act in white light and she is a witch that carries the purple flame. Her abilities are Xenoglossy,the ability to understand all languages Psychic morphing,this is so she can move from one world to the next AND carry abilities with you Healing Prana Protective sight Divine intervention by what ever creature can do the job Deomonomancy and imprisonment of demons Ceromany and channeling Energetic mind waves of presence Visions of future Full spirit and animal communication Thought casting,no need for spells You will be happy with this one.
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