Bigger then the pyramids in Egypt are huge monster pyramids in the Bermuda triangle. These pyramids are made of glass and from what Chris one of our new adviser's told us these are pure power!! These pyramids all have an opening that Chris could get into and inside on the ground lay all these pyramid shaped crystals. While he was there he felt that about an hour passed and as you all know you can only be under for so long because of your oxygen tank. When he came up 5 hours had passed. Chris has no explanation for this at all. What did happen was that as he was diving he saw a woman,not a mermaid but a woman who looked human and who he assumed was human. Now looking back on it he knows that she wasn't. We don't know what this means but my guess is that maybe she was alien? I really don't know but going by the number of craft that has vanished in that area,I feel something alive is under ground. While testing these crystals as soon as we got them out minds opened up to full telepathic ability. The first time I used it I met with a woman who asked me if I Was ready. I just said yes and that is when my mind opened as it had never before. I saw musical notes in the sky,a new level of Earth and a warning about travel to other planets. This is another reason I feel it is alien technology. Jason also tried out these pyramids and a woman did not come to him but he too had a full telepathic opening and was given a warning. Steve also tried the ring and he was told that he could not use it. But Steve is a very special case and you will all soon learn why on the next radio show.
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