Pan's TRY-Sexuality-- You Know You Want It!!

I'm just letting you know, that this piece is, by no means, PG-13.  In fact, this piece is about as "R" as you are going to get.  It is a piece that encompasses sexuality in all its aspects and in its purest form.  The item was made during a lunar rite that we participated in with an old lady named Estelle-- an Moon Witch that we came into contact with a while back during an investigation outside of Philadelphia.  Her coven specializes in Lunar magic and the tides and energies that come in from the solar system.  She is very practiced and during the lunar rite that we were taking part in, she was able to call in a goddess whose name is Selene.  In case you don't remember, in prehistoric times, Selene is the moon goddess who was called down to Earth by the God-nymph called Pan.  Here, she was seduced by him where he took her into the woods and had his way with her like the hairy half-beast he is.  

Anyhow, during the lunar rite we held with Estelle, we were able to conjure Selene, who in turn left us this item.  Upon initial testing of this item it was a bit tricky to pull the magic out of it.  However, after several months of running tests and trials on this piece, we can now confirm that Pan wasn't the only person that got what he wanted in the forest that night.  Rather, Selene use the energy in his astral sex to make a piece chock full of Pan's sexual energy that she could take back to her with the moon.  She use the energies to create a race of spirits that she calls her moon children, which she sends forth to Earth to take care of what business she needs to accomplish.  Selene has reached a point where she has accomplished creating her lunar race of spirits.  She no longer needs this item, which is why she left it with us-- to pass it on to someone who may want to use it, instead.  

This piece is a conjuring piece and conjures the spirit form of Pan.  Pan, who is often depicted as half man and half goat puts a whole new meaning to the word horny.  He is the demi-god that is in charge of the band of sex nymphs known as the Satyrs.  He is the key to hidden sex magic of the Greeks.  He brings the sensuality and pleasure to sex, without which, sex would just be another meaningless chore for two people to procreate.  Rather, he adds eroticism to sex and will bring out the freak in you.  

This piece is the pure essence of sexual energy and passion.  You can use this piece in a variety of fashions.  You can use it to add spice to your relationship.  You can use to open up your mind to allow you to get freakier in the sack to take your sexual encounters to a whole new level.  This piece doesn't discriminate and can be used for hetero sex, homo sex, bisexual sex, orgies, and group sex.  It will give you all the right sexual energy, moves, and ability to climax at levels that you have before experienced.  It is called a try-sexual piece because it will give you the ability to try ANYTHING sexual that you want, in mortal or astral form.  

Let's keep in mind that Pan is a demi-God, with a full range of god powers including sorcery, shapeshifting, spell craft, and a whole arsenal of others.  You will also be able to use this piece to conjure Pan to gain his magic.  He will come to you, and seduce you just the same way he seduced Selene, the Moon Goddess.  He will come to you and give you the most magical, astral sex you've ever had.  You will be able to hit multiple climaxes-- will be the best sex you've ever encounter... the most erotic sexual pleasure that your body will have encountered.  It will make you erupt like a volcano.  Doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman-- Pan likes both.  He literally is just one walking, talking ball of sexual passion and he can't wait until the next chance he gets to do you.  Asides from the amazing astral sex he will give you, when you have astral sex with Pan, you will also gain his magic.  The more sex you have with him, the stronger your magic will become. 

Pan's TRY-Sexuality-- You Know You Want It!!
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