Pan's the Man! Dee's HC

Pan's the Man! When you want to tap into the wilder sides of your inner self, there is no better influence to guide you than the Greek God Pan. Pan is about breaking through your limitations, and allowing the repressed to be free. Associated with sex, and primal urges, Pan chased down Nymphs for delights. Pan was also known as a great hunter, and with his energy's influence, hey, that hot chick at the bar is butter in your hands! Pan is always seen playing the shepards pipe, he is the God of flocks and shepards. He is the keeper of bees and the Poet of the coasts. Pan can unlock your inner rock star or the novel you just havent had the time to write. Nature lovers can use his energy to connect on a whole different level, to bridge the natural wild with the inner wild. Everyone needs a Pan piece! With the influence of Pan's energy, your life can move beyond the sheeple, and unlock the wilder magic that lies dormant within you!
Pan's the Man! Dee's HC
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