Plane Shifting Out of the Pyramids

Plane Shifting Out of the Pyramids

Many people wonder to themselves what happens what you die? What is really out there? Has God really created a universe solely for the purpose of being exalted and praised, only to judge some to eternal damnation at the end of what already appears to be Hell-- or was it all a hoax? Eventually, we will all receive the answers for our eternal questionnaire. Although, if you are like me, you will not be content in resting until you find out the answers... now. I mean, what if all the Biblical verse is true and it's too late to redeem yourself? I have an item for you that will quench your thirst for knowledge; it is a piece that will answer all of the questions you have about after life, and so, so, so much more. Pay attention, because this is important.

We are all familiar with Egypt and the pyramids. Particularly, I am interested in the ones built under the ironclad role of Pharaoh Khufu in 2700 BCE. Located in Giza, these pyramids are the most spectacular. They were, in fact, built for Khufu and his wives, so they could rest in peace after death. What most people do not know, or should I say, what most people can only speculate about, is that fact that these pyramids hold secrets as old as the age of time and a vast market mystical abilities that will rock your world. The power that is beheld by this piece is actually an ancient Egyptian magic used by Khufu himself in an attempt to make his passing from mortal realm into the after life smoother and less traumatizing. The fact is, this magic was and still is used by many to help successfully cross over into whatever spiritual afterlife realm it is that you are going to end up in. The magic calls upon the spirit of the God Ra, Egyptian God of the Universe and Afterlife. He is the one that rules over the afterlife and makes inter-dimensional travels, such as what happens when you “crossover” possible.

With this piece that has been given these ancient powers that have been found in the pyramids at Giza, you will gain the ability to travel between two determined dimension. You can travel to any other dimension or plane of existence you choose, as long as you know the name of the active dimension you wish to visit or cast others into. Want to travel through a wormhole to a far away universe? Okay. If it exists you can. You can also travel to spiritual realms, such as the realm of the afterlife. In this way, you will able to predetermine your destiny and change it for the better if it for the worse. This piece will also allows the one who holds it the ability to travel back and forth through any time portals available. This piece will allow you to attain and use any magical abilities that you encounter in your travels.

The best part about this piece is that it doesn't just work for you. You can mass transport up to six individuals that are spiritually in tune with their inner beings to the same dimension at the same time. You can also cast the ability upon others, transporting them either at or against their will. This allows for the banishment of evil beings via astral trapping and displacement. This is another very power piece and will most likely not be around for to much longer, so you should definitely take advantage today!!

This piece is straight out of the pyramid and will come with a certificate of authenticity. These death beads date from 600 to 300 BC. Ancient is not the word for these! These are also known as Mummybeads and were wrapped around the dead to help them get around in the afterlife. Something this old and having stayed in the pyramids becomes some serious heavy magic.
Plane Shifting Out of the Pyramids
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