Porpoise Enneth

Porpoise Enneth

A dolphin is the keeper of the sacred breath of life, and teaches us how to release emotions.  He as well teaches us to ride the waves of laughter, spreading joy to the world.

This particular Dolphin has come forth for your healing needs. This is a time when you are to connect with your Great Spirit and brings answers to yourself that you need.

Enneth is the dolphin within this piece and he asks that you be mindful of your body rhythms and the patterns of energy being fed to you from our Creator~!
You have a sonar indicator within you (a beacon device) and are always fed what you need to know. It is time to ‘tap’ into this great ‘knowing’.

You are as well forgetting to breathe and be idle. You are undergoing a lot of stress and your body needs more natural energy. You must go within more. You must harness the elements to function on a more desirable level.

Water is a wonderful tool for you to connect with Enneth!  Wear this piece and take a bath; wash away the impurities in a shower. Drink more water, bless the water you drink, envision yourself at a pond, stream or any other place of beauty. I am not sure if you are fond of the element of water, but I see you basking in it, working with it. I see this spirited dolphin guiding and swimming alongside of you.

Enneth is very easy to see and feel... he is filled with soothing energy, warmth and nurturing.

Your bond with him will  enhance your commitment to your goals, as well as increase your connection with Enneth and his realm of soul spirits.

This piece will be enhanced and anointed for your healing growth -- as you are purified by this amazing creature as you are awakened and brought forward in knowing how to utilize the abilities of your donar indicator.

Porpoise Enneth
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