Poseidon's Precious Hoard

This piece was obtained as the result of an investigation that was done in a place called Cape Sounion.  Cape Sounion is a peninsula that juts out into the Aegean Sea.  The place is quite fabled in its history, but we visited the place in with a specific destination in mind.  We did not want to be distracted, given the fact that we were on a mission.  We knew what we wanted to accomplish, so we had to get there and do it.  
We took with us these cuff links, which we found at an antique shop and thought that they'd be the perfect pair for a custom conjure.  At that point n time we thought we'd do just a simple little custom conjure.  We had no idea that it would lead us on a journey halfway across the globe.  
The place I'm talking about, that we visited, is the Temple of Poseidon.  The ruins of the Temple stand in place on Sounion, which is also called the Cape of Columns due to the fact that the only thing that remains of the Temple is the columns and few other obscure parts.  
We decided to stop there during our latest visit to Europe.  WE just haven't told anyone about it, because it wasn't really relevant to the reason we traveled to Europe-- not until we were ready to list this piece anyhow.  The fact is that we did make a stop off in Greece and we visited Cape Sounion.  
The temple of Poseidon has a very ominous feel to it.  I don't know how to else to describe it.  You can tell that his presence dwells here in this ruinous place.  The fact is that the pillars-- and subsequently the grandiose temple that the ruins must have been-- are only a mortal representation of what the real Temple of Poseidon looks like.  The only reason we know this is because we saw the true form of the Temple of Poseidon.  This was accomplished using a piece that gave us the ability of psychic touch.  
Using this piece, we were able to lay our hands on the pillars and the energy from the piece took ups to a beautiful, sprawling mansion.  The Mansion was in a realm under the sea, as he is the God of the Sea, this makes complete sense.  We were transported to this far away palace where he and all of his daughters-- the mermaids of the sea who are half human and half fish-- dwell.  It is in this palace where the wealth of Poseidon is kept.  As I'm sure you could have guess, Poseidon has a reputation for loving wealth.  This is where the mermaids get it from.  They love wealth.  They love hoarding treasure.  Ask anybody from the forum.  Some of the best wealth items we sell are the ones that have mermaids attached to them.  
My point is that Poseidon loves wealth and we knew that.  We planned on conjuring some of his energy into this piece, but instead what we got was the direct blast of energy that came directly from the god himself.  We were led to the place where he keeps all of his own treasures.  The room was swarming with wealth energies and wealth powers-- all sorts of them.  It was from this room that we obtained the powers and energies to make this piece.  They are the direct powers of the God of the Sea, the one who hoards all sorts of fortunes and wealth.  
What does it mean when you get this piece?  Well, when you wear these cuff links, even if you just have them on your person, your wealth is going to catapult.  I'm talking about your wealth is going to skyrocket!!  These pieces hold the raw energy from a God who desire wealth more than any other.  This wealth comes from many different directions and will be in many different forms.  It will come to you from many areas of your life, to make cause you to become super wealthy.  This way, you can have a collection of wealth that would make Poseidon proud-- and you'll never have to worry about another thing in your lifetime.  This piece brings in the wealth energies and the pours the wealth out on you.  It's literally all you've ever wanted.  
We eventually did come out of our trance like state that sent us to Poseidon's Temple in the first place.  We brought the new wealth item back and test it to make sure it was the real deal.  Let's just say this piece has helped us raise some funds in a very short amount of time.  We are now passing them onto to one lucky person-- whomever sees and clicks add-to-cart first.  This is a one-of-a-kind wealth piece and it won't here for long! 
Poseidon's Precious Hoard
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